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BILZ Antivibration Green Plates
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  1. BILZ insulating plates are highly developed materials
  2. Designed to combat problems caused in many industrial sectors by vibrations and structure-borne noise.
  3. Made from an exactly defined combination of nitrile rubber, cork particles and cross-linked polyester-fibre, this high-grade compound material possesses all the physical and mechanical properties.
  4. One major advantage of this new compound material is its resistance to modern cooling lubricants; the mountings can thus also be used in oil sumps without any problems.
  5. Resistance to Aging
    The service life of these mounting plates is nearly unlimited if the load values are observed. No permanent deformation. Extremely high degree of resistance to conventional oils, grease, acids, etc. Completely resistant to cooling emulsions,
  6. Machine mounting in oil sumps.
  7. Resistance to Temperature + 120° to – 20° Celsius
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