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BiAir Membrane Air Springs For Sensitive Machines
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Product Description:

The Air-Spring Insulator BiAir® consists of a cast aluminum body whose air volume is enclosed by a thin-walled, flexible and pressureresistant roller diaphragm. The plunger is seated on this diaphragm and is pushed into the air volume.

This design causes highly effective vibration insulation. In order to obtain as high a dampening effect as possible, the air space is split into two chambers (load/dampening volume) linked by air pipe. By the adjustable valve the dampening can be easily changed from outside. Due to the friction caused by the air-stream passing through the bypass valve, up to 25 % dampening can be effected.

Additional safety valves will protect the roller diaphragm from getting damaged by over-inflation.

Range of Application
Highly effective vibration insulation of sensitive measuring and testing machines, fine-machining plant, as well as optical and electronic equipment. Another important range of application is the vibration-insulated foundation of vehicle, motor and other performance testers. BiAir® Air-Spring insulators are extremely well suited for the insulation of foundations e.g. equiavalent machine loads.
BILZ level controller systems
Level control is an important part of an optimally functioning air spring system. The automatic level controller can be utilized to overcome the problem associated with load changes in air-spring insulated machines, which can result in tilting of the machine.

The height of the specific elements BiAir® or FAEBI® can be controlled by changing the air pressure in the air-spring insulators. Quick inflation or deflation will hold the machines level even if their center of gravity keeps changing.
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