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Industrial Shock Absorbers
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Industrial shock absorbers are used as hydraulic machine components for slowing down moving loads with minimal reaction force.

ACE shock absorbers are characterized by the use of the most recent and innovative technologies such as the piston tube, stretch or rolling
diaphragm seals. Thus, the shock absorbers offer the longest service life in high energy absorption.

ACE industrial shock absorbers are machine components that are easy to use and also flexible in use with their multitude of optional accessories.

ACE industrial shock absorbers are high quality dampers for smooth deceleration in end position of automatic processes. High energy absorption capacity and solid construction guarantee a long lifespan; including in harsh environments. The absorbers are available in various sizes to slow down masses weighing just a few ounces to more than 225,000 pounds.

• Increase in production
• Long lifespan of the machine
• Simple, inexpensive construction
• Quiet, energy saving machines
• Available in diameters from 0.2 in to 7.5 in
• Delivery in 24 hours
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