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Perma Crane Wheel Lubrication (CWL) System
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Advantages of the CWL –System :
  • Reduce wear and friction on the wheel flange
  • Reduces the maintenance costs by increasing the life of the wheel flange.
  • Reduces the amount of Lubricant Used
  • Reduces the down times of the cranes-caused by unscheduled maintenance.
  • Longer operating times of cranes
  • Quick & easy installation
  • No tools necessary  when exchanging the LC- Unit
  • No external power source required
Function :

The perma CWL-kit is an automatic lubrication discharge system designed for the lubrication of wheel flanges on cranes. It consists of a perma STAR VARIO with a L250 LC-unit and a CWL applicator assembly. The Perma SRAT VARIO transports the special lubricant through a tube to CWL-Assembly.

Inside the Applicator Assembly, the special lubricant is transported to the spring loaded Applicator insert. The insert applies the lubricant to the wheel flange. Turning of the crane wheel will then transport the special lubricant from the lubricated wheel flange to the side of the sliding rail. This reduces the wear of the wheel flanges and extends the operating life-time of the crane

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