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Ultrafilter(India) Pvt.Ltd. is an ISO 9001 Certified company and supplies Filters and Dryers to more than 3000 customers all over India to various sectors like Automobiles, Breweries, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Textile, and Food & Beverage etc. We have Sales and Services office in all the major metros of India to fulfill the requirements of our major customers.

Ultrafilter(India) Pvt.Ltd. ,Bangalore works has the  complete state of art testing facilities to establish various parameters like Flow rate V/S Pressure drop, Residual oil content in the air, Integrity testing etc. These  tests ensures 100% quality products to the customers.

ultrafilter range includes Borosilicate Glass Fibre Element, Sintered Brass, Polyethelene,Activated Glass Fibre filters are used to remove Dirt Particles, Oil Aerosol, Water Aerosol, Pipe Scale, Hydrocarbon Vapour & odour from the Compressed Air which will lead to wear and tear of the system & equipment. This also helps to cut-down the production loss due to stoppage of equipment by improving the quality of outlet air after filter.

ultrafilter filter housings are available in Die Cast Aluminum, Carbon Steel, St.Steel etc. having the working pressure range up to 400 Bar and the filter elements used there in are made of Sintered Polyethylene, Sintered Bronze, Binder Free Borosilicate Fibre Glass or Activated Carbon which offers outlet oil content of 0.003mg/m3 at an operating efficiency of 99.99999% & particles down to 0.01 micron, depending upon the quality of outlet air requirement. 


ultrafilter refrigerated type of air dryer are used for the removal of condensate from the compressed air as it corrodes piping, solenoid valve etc. forcing the user to withstand expensive repair intervention in various industries like Textile, Chemical, Painting etc.
ultrafilter dryer offers constant dew point & are available in Air cooled and Water cooled versions, it has capacity control which allows the dryer to run from 0 - 100% capacity, hot gas bypass valve and user friendly architecture. Also these dryers are available for low pressure as well high pressure up to 40 Bar, with Ozone friendly gas R134 a, R404 etc. and Computer Compatible Micro Processor Controller on request.

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